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They really do make it look SO easy on Project Runway.  Sewing is hard, especially if you are a newbie.  Making a “simple” dress is hard, especially for a newbie.  Sewing in an invisible zipper is hard, especially for a newbie. Here’s the dress, minus the sash and sewn hem line.

It’s safe to say that this dress got the better half of me today.  At one point, I wanted to burn it on the spot.  On the bright side, I learned a LOT of new things while sewing this dress:

  • I like to knit a LOT more than I like to sew.
  • Working with fabric other than cotton is tough to get used to at first (fabric is dupioni silk).
  • Zippers take patience.
  • Sewing good, takes practice.
  • I need more practice.
  • I need more patience.
  • I like to knit a LOT more than I like to sew.

I am glad I made this dress though.  My niece is so damn cute that no one will even be looking at my sewing skills.  Plus, the sash is going to cover up some of my “mistakes”.

PS – I am done with my projects for my sister’s wedding and it feels DAMN GOOD.

As the oldest nephew, my son will be the ring bearer in my little sister’s wedding.  He’s pretty excited about this task, although I am pretty sure he has no idea what it all entails.  Walking down an isle with a bunch of people, whom he doesn’t know, staring at him.  Should be interesting!  May have to do a little bribing.  We’ve been practicing at home and on our recent trip to Florida, he even got to practice at the venue itself.

Well, we can officially mark another project off of my “to make for Erinn’s wedding” list.  When my sister first announced she was getting married, I immediately asked  (after a congrats of course!!) if I could pretty please make the ring bearer pillow.  She agreed and I started searching for a pattern.  I knew what I wanted, yet could not find the perfect pattern.  However, I did find a chart that I just LOVE.  It’s by Eunny Yang and the pattern is her Venezia Pullover from the Winter 2006, Interweave Knits issue.  I incorporated the chart into simple pillow pattern and voila – ring bearer pillow!!

I lovelovelove (sister’s signature saying btw!) it when a vision comes out exactly as planned.  Now, time to practice with the little ring bearer to be…

Raveled HERE.

The last couple of months have been rather busy.  If you are friends with me on you may have noticed the multitude of baby patterns that I have been adding to my favorites and queue.  I have good reason for this as I am currently 13 weeks pregnant!!  We are super excited to welcome ‘Baby K’ into the world on or around March 8, 2011!   In between all of the morning sickness, working, taking care of our son and teaching a knitting class, I somehow managed to whip up a new pattern! 

The Knitted Baby Onsie is a great first garment piece for a beginner, a super quick baby shower gift or a stash buster project (only takes one skein!).  On September 18th I will be teaching a class at The Knitting Nest to show you exactly how to make this!   In the class, I will also be teaching a tutorial on how to attach the snap button closures and the cute little fabric patch embellishment.  No sewing machine required! 

The ridiculously adorable fabric can be found at this Etsy shop called ‘A Little Sweetness‘.  This artist designs her own fabric and then prints it via  WAY cool!  The shop owner also has a bunch of embroidery patterns and she loves the aqua/red combo.  If we have a baby girl, I will definitely be picking up this kit:  Little Red Riding Hood Dress.

So yeah, Baby K  is on his or her way!  So far everything is looking great.  We’ve had an ultrasound and also got to hear the baby’s heartbeat.  We are going to wait until the baby’s birth to find out the gender (such an awesome surprise!!).  Also saving the name announcement until then as well.

Download the Knitted Baby Onsie Pattern here:

Knitted Baby Onsie by Fiber Fervor

Row 3 should read: K1 Kf&b, K11, Kf&b, SM, Kf&b, K8, Kf&b, SM, Kf&b, K14, Kf&b, SM, Kf&b, K8, Kf&b, SM, Kf&b, K3 (63 stitches)

*I am still working on different sizing for the pattern.  Please email me with any questions you may have.  Also, if you find a mistake, please let me know that as well!  I am very new to the pattern writing scene!

Project Specs

Pattern:     Ishbel by Ysolda Teague

Pattern source:  Ravelry

Finished Size: Small

Supplies: Fiber Fervor in Perfectly Plum, Size 7 Needles (24″ circular) and darning needle.

Date started: 9/7/10

Date completed: 6/27/10 (I know, almost a year!)

MY RAVELRY LINK: Cimi’s Ishbel

Yes, let’s go ahead and mark another unfinished project off of the list!  Woo hoooo!  It only took me a little less than a year to complete!  In my own defense, when I began this project I had just started blogging for Patons and I already had at least 3 other projects on the needles.  Also, the yarn I used is my own and was purchased by my Mom from my Etsy store.  You see, she loved the color so much, that she purchased it and then asked me what I was going to make for her with it.  So really, this unfinished project wasn’t entirely my fault.

OK, so the pattern.  While it was wonderfully written, I am not sure my brain is cut out for so much lace.  Sometimes I just love to knit.  Good ole brainless knittin’.  Well, not so much the case with Ishbel.  However, the final product makes me want to knit one up for myself!  Such a beautiful design.  It truly boggles my mind how someone can come up with lace designs.  Ysolda’s patterns are always well written and I always learn something new.  This time it was the bind off – a purl 2 together bind off.  Interesting and yet it makes complete sense! 

Project Specs

Pattern: Milo Soakers

Pattern source: Vintage Baby Knits by Kristen Rengren and Ravelry

Finished Size: 3 months

Supplies: Berroco Vintage in colors Berries and Gingham, Size 5 Needles and darning needle.

Date started: 4/1/10

Date completed: 4/5/10


A friend/coworker of mine is about to have a baby and has decided she is going the cloth diaper route.  I knew right away she needed some soakers or at least cute diaper covers.  Vintage Baby Knits is quite possibly the best collection of baby projects in one book.  This book will most definatly become a part of my permanent library (checked out a copy first from my local library). 

The project was super simple.  I was able to whip up each one in about 3 hours total.  The only mods I made were some decreasing for the leg portion and then increasing back up (constructed in one long piece – front, leg portion and then back – sew the sides together) to the correct number of stitches.  I was smart and read ahead in Ravelry.  Many people commented that they thought the ‘between the legs portion’ was a wee bit wide.  I am really excited to see these on my friend’s baby.  Possibly even more excited to be able to hold a newborn!  Eeek!!!!!

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