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img_08031Project Specs

Pattern: Baby Hat by Leigh Radford and Super Quick Baby Socks by Dilys Sutherland

Pattern source: Ravelry and One Skein

Finished Size: Both are newborn size.

Supplies: Less than one skein of Malabrigo worsted weight in Bobby Blue.

Date started: 3/6/09

Date completed: 3/7/09

Yay for malabrigo!  I have had this skein of bobby blue for well over a year now.  It has been sitting on my shelf just starring at me forever.  The color is so beautiful yet I could never figure out what to make out of it.  We were invited to a baby shower at the last minute (yesterday evening) and before I even hung up the phone I knew exactly what yarn I would use for the gift.  After making the hat (finished around 10am this morning), my husband teased me and said that there was NO way I could finish the socks in time.   HA – I showed him and I had time to spare!

Pattern modifications: None.  For once, I followed the pattern as is.

hudson-hatProject Specs

Pattern: The Hudson Hat! by Lindsay Baker

Pattern source: Ravelry

Finished Size: Toddler – 17 inches in diameter, but stretches!!  Approximately 14/15 inches long.

Supplies: 10 yard scraps of Malabrigo Merino worsted weight – Carrot, Toureg, Butter, Praline, Verdes, Rich Chocolate, Oceanos, Ravelry Red, Lettuce, Azul Bolita. Approximately 200 yards total.  Size 7 16” circular needle. Size 5 16” circular needle.  Size 7 set of double pointed needles. 1 stitch marker. A Tapestry needle.

Date started: 3/1/09

Date completed: 3/1/09

I was a busy knitter yesterday.  So busy that I finished my first Malabrigo March project!  Malabrigo really is a dream to knit with.  Everytime I use this yarn for a project I am reminded by how truly soft it is.  That and the colors are incredibly vibrant.  Ended up doing a swap with a couple of friends from The Knitting Nest, Austin in order to get so many colors.  Each of us contributed 10 yard bundles and then we swapped colors.

Pattern modifications. Ended up going with the toddler size.  Even though the measurements on the pattern are a tad small for a toddler, it ended up working out just fine.  I did however do the child size ear flaps (14 stitches instead of 12) and then cast on for the toddler size.  Worked 4 rows of garter stiich to get a nice brim.  I also knit up two extra ear flap pieces.  When I was finished with the hat I came back and added these to the ear flaps already conected to the hat.  I attached them by doing a single crochet edge which I continued around the entire brim of the hat.  Without the double layer ear flaps, the single curl in, which I did not like.  Plus, I think the crochet edge gives the hat a nice finished look.

You can find more pics here on Flickr and here on Ravlery.

…is just around the corner.  One week left to gather my Malabrigo, get organized and choose patterns.  Since I am already in the midst of making birthday presents for my niece and nephew who will be turning one at the end of March, I am not going to take on too many projects.  However, I am going to branch out and try some new types of projects.

Malabrigo March To Do List:

hudson-hatHudson Hat for Hunter.  We are actually doing a scrap Malabrigo swap at The Knitting Nest.  I brought in 10, 10 yard scraps and exchanged them for 10 different colors.  I plan on making matching mittens as well.


Irish Hiking Scarf Handwarmers. To be honest, I am not sure how “handwarmers” work but I am going to give them a go anyways.  I love the cable pattern.  I will be using Malabrigo worsted weight in ‘butter’.

So far, that is all I am making.  I don’t want to stress myself out and really, since I use Malabrigo for the majority of my projects I can go ahead and have a Malabrigo year if need be.

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