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Nike Zoom VomeroA couple of weeks ago I signed up to run my very first half marathon in February 2010.  Besides the whole getting in shape to run 13 miles without stopping part, one thing was for sure, I desperatly needed new running shoes.  There is this neat running shop here in Austin called Rogue Equipment and they specialze in running gear.  I actually signed up to do the Austin half marathon training program through Rogue Running.  OK, so the shoes.  The guy at the store watched me walk to try and figure out what brand of shoes would be best for my feet.  Apparently, I have really “normal” feet.  After trying on about 10 different pairs (all different brands) I came across a pair of Nike Air Zoom Vomero +3.  They fit like a dream.  Since the store wanted $125 for them I decided to see what eBay had to offer.  While I really wanted to support the local store my bank account wouldn’t allow me.  I ended up paying $66 TOTAL (shipping included) for the same shoes.  Brand new of course.  Well I took them for their first official run last night and let me tell you…it was like running on pillows!  I think the shoes actually made me run faster 😉

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