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It’s been raining like non-stop here in Austin for the last couple of days.  While I love, love, love the free water in this hard-to-get-rain region of the US, I must say, I am SO over it.   This rain has put a whole new meaning to ‘April Showers’.  Not only is my yard flooded, but I haven’t been able to take fabulous pics of my recently dyed yarn!  As soon as this rain clears up, I will post some pics. Let’s just say, my mixing colors ability is getting much better.

Since the dyeing craze started I have really neglected my knitting.  Can you believe I have let an entire month go by without finishing ONE project?  That’s just sad.  While I am almost finished with a couple of projects, I just don’t see me completing them before April ends.  Where oh where did this month go?!?!

eucalanEucalan.  Pretty amazing stuff.  Not only does it smell great, but it turns your yarn into super softness.  Love it!  Why I remember way back when (less than a year ago) when a friend told me I needed to “block” my project.  What?!  You mean willingly put my project that I worked on for ages IN WATER?!?!  Are you nuts?  Well, turns out, blocking is necessary and as long as you are careful with temperature and not agitating the yarn, your felting fears should be put to rest.  What I did not know until I started dyeing was that if you add a couple of drops of wool wash (I have been digging Eucalan) your yarn transforms into softy goodness.

Click HERE to request your FREE sample and try it out for yourself.

Just for any of you Austin residents, The Knitting Nest sells Eucalan.

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