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IMG_3087Fair Isle Sock pattern from Socks in The City, Kroy Sock Yarn

OK, so I got the yarn for my first Patons project and have been trucking away on these fair isle socks.  I have never, until now, realized how tedious fair isle knitting can be.  Probably because I am making socks.  Thin yarn, loads of stitches and LOTS of concentration.  This is not a project in which I can read and knit at the same time.  In order to help combat the cursing and headaches, I am using my super cool chart keeper thingie from KnitPicks.  Every lace, cable or fair isle knitter NEEDS this thing.  I redid the fair isle pattern on my computer.   Blew it up to a size that is actually, you know, readable.  However, I am STILL getting lost!!!  I need suggestions people.  How do you organize your fair isle projects?


OK, so doesn’t this yarn look YUMMY?!?!?!  Seriously, I could fondle it all day long.


Lilypad Lace is going to be a hard skein to part with one day.  I might even shed a tear at the post office.


I also added Rainbow Sorbet to my Organic Sock Yarn line.


Visit for more details!!

Having read many reviews regarding this yarn, I went ahead and ordered it off of eBay.   I have to say that I am not very pleased with Cotton Fleece.  With the cotton/wool blend I thought that there would be at least some stretch to it.  Well, there’s not.  Just like the clothes I buy from the store, there has to be a little stretch.  I put the yarn up on eBay in hopes of selling it.  Just don’t think I will ever use it.  Plus, I want to put the proceeds towards the new yarn I want to use for my upcoming project, Berroco Love It.  I have worked with this yarn before and LOVE IT, pun intended.  It is a Cotton/Acrylic blend. I know some people are anti-acrylic yarn, but I think there are some exceptions.

Here is the yarn I ordered that is now for sale:


If you notice below, the skein (that is furthest on the left in above picture) is not a solid color.  Apparently there were some problems during the dyeing process.  I am throwing this skein in for free!


What is your favorite cotton yarn to work with?  Inquiring minds would like to know…

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