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As if I didn’t have enough “toys” on my wishlist, I just had to go and stumble upon a post about the super cool Print Gocco (pronounced like ‘loco’)  machine over on   This at home screen printing machine is simply amazing.  I don’t really know much about screen printing but from what I have read this machine sounds pretty easy to use.  Check out some of the amazing stuff people have created with this machine:  Gocco Flickr Gallery.  You can find these machines on eBay and they range from around $170 to $250.  Also the word on the street is that you want a PG11.  This model allows you to make multi-screen prints.  Like if you want to make invitations, labels or other various paper goods in quantity.  Really the possibilities are endless and I can’t wait for the day I convince my husband why I absolutely cannot live without my very own Print Gocco.

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