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IMG_2979Project Specs

Pattern: Elijah by Ysolda Teague

Pattern source: RAVELRY!!

Finished Size: About 14″ tall and 8″ wide when legs are stretched out.

Supplies: Size 4 DPN needles.  3/4 skein of Dream in Color, Midnight Derby. Couple scraps of Malabrigo worsted weight, Praline (for eyes).  Darning needle

Date started: 8/9/09

Date completed: 8/17/09

After Hunter said his goodbyes to Batsy, I promised him that I would make whatever he wanted.  We sat in front of the computer and checked out many animal patterns via Ravelry.  After about 15 minutes he decided on Ysolda Teague’s, Elijah.  If you are not familiar with this designer, then become familiar.  Beautiful work and extremely well written patterns!!  Once the pattern was picked, Hunter and I hit up my stash.  I even let him pick out whatever yarn he wanted.  What can I say, the boy has excellent taste as he chose a skein of Dream in Color (Midnight Derby).  We then wound the skein to a center pull ball and were ready to go.  After about 5 minutes of me knitting, Hunter asked me where his elephant was.  HA!  Apparently he does not realize that knitting takes a little time.   Fast forward about a week and voila, Elton was finished.  Last night I snuck into Hunter’s room while he was sleeping and placed Elton at the top of his bed.  I thought it would be a nice surprise for him this morning.  Well, when I went in to wake him up today the first thing he said was:  “Mommy, elephant needs more face.”  Oh, you gotta love the honesty of a toddler.  So, I am taking suggestions here.  What can I do to make Elton come more to life, face wise?  While I think Elton is absolutely adorable, I think Hunter finds him a little creepy due to his lack of “face”.  I need suggestions people!!

As for the pattern, I followed it exactly as written.  What a wonderfully, easy pattern to follow.  Not to mention, NO SEAMING!


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