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Turns out dye when applied to yarn and then subjected to heat, changes colors.  This can be a very good thing as it makes the colors richer and brighter.  However for a beginner who does not know this ,it can be very disappointing.  Tonight I tried “handpainting” a skein of yarn.  I was trying to do a shade in pink, dark purple and light purple.  Everything looked great going into the steam portion of the process.  Here is what I think happened.  1- Applied too much dye.  2 – Was not careful AT ALL when transporting to the steamer thus making the dye mix (a result reason number 1, see exhibit A).  3 – Dye colors were all wrong.  The pink and light purple turned out OK.  The dark purple had WAY too much blue in it.  So much so that it actually looks blue with a hint of purple (see Exhibit B).

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


There’s always next time right?  Back to the drawing board…

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