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Where did the month go?  Seems like just yesterday I put up my ‘to knit‘ list for Malabrigo March 2009!  Well, I successfully finished the (very short) list and even added two more projects around mid-month.  Still have the Fiddlehead mittens on the needles and I suspect they will remain there for a little while longer.  I haven’t lost interest, but I have decided that I won’t be able to wear them for a while (live in H-O-T Texas).  Might as well concentrate on more spring/summery projects for the time being.  With my first Malabrigo March under my belt, I think next year I will try and take on more projects.  There will be more time to prepare and stock up.  So, here’s to next year and the many, many projects I will take on and stress myself out with!  HA!

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