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IMG_1834Project Specs

Pattern: Rusted Root by Sarah & Rachel (Zephyr Style)

Pattern source: Zephyr Style, found via Ravelry

Finished Size: Medium

Supplies: Size 6 24″ circulars.  4 Skeins of Berroco Comfort in Lovage

Date started: 1/18/09

Date completed: 5/20/09

Wow, this project took what seemed like forever to finish.  It started out with a bang and then, well, became distracted by other projects.   Malabrigo March to name a few.  Overall I am very pleased with how this sweater tee turned out.   After 3 years of knitting, I thought it was about time I knit something for myself.  Isn’t that amazing?  No scarf, nothing.

I followed the pattern as is.  Before you cast on, I highly suggest doing a couple of practice rounds with the lace pattern.  Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way.  Pretty sure I cast on and then re-cast on for this project 5 or 6 times.  This was my first go at any type of lace whatsoever.  While it turned out to be easy after I got it down, the first couple of attempts were a mess.

Also, had I known the crochet cast on technique prior to starting this project, I would totally have used this method.  The sweater is knit top down raglan style.  However, you knit the entire sweater and then finish up the neck ribbing last.

As far as sizing goes, I would suggest going down one size that you would normally wear.  I have pretty broad shoulders and have always been a size large.  Even in my skinnier days (pre-baby) I had a hard time fitting into a medium.  Must have been all of that rowing I used to do.  I knit this sweater in the medium size.  Definitely try this on as you go.  You will save yourself time and a huge headache by doing this.  Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass to put all of the stitches on scrap yarn, but it is totally worth it.  I totally loved that this sweater had NO seaming!

Great project for a sort of beginner knitter!!



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