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For those of you who know me personally, you know that my mind wanders constantly.  Here is my take on ‘Random Tuesday Thoughts’.

  • I noticed on the tag of my underwear that you should “iron on low”.  Who irons their underwear?  I don’t even own an ironing board!
  • Hunter scrunches up his nose when he gets mad.  I told him that if he keeps making that face, it will stay that way.   He’s still making the face.
  • Found Hunter’s 17 week ultrasound photos and I was right, Hunter and Baby K have the same nose. 

Hunter, 17 weeks

Baby K, 20 weeks

  • OK, OK, it’s hard to tell.  I am going with Mother’s instinct on this one.
  • Friends of ours are due with their 2nd baby within a couple of days of us and are having a boy.  Their boy name is the SAME AS OUR BOY NAME.  We are keeping the name as it’s been picked out since August.   This could all be moot, as we will not know if we are having a boy or girl until March! 
  • I want to decorate for Christmas already. 
  • It’s funny when a knitting friend mentions a pattern and I know what the pattern is without actually looking at the pattern.  Does that mean I am obsessed?
  • Yesterday, I discovered an AWESOME online yarn store to buy Malabrigo at a redic price.  Is it bad that I don’t want to share because I don’t want all of the yummy Malabrigo to get scooped up?  **OK, OK, I’ll give, it’s  Go ahead, go scoop up all of the yummy Malabrigo!!!! 
  • I think I changed my mind about my career again.  Still involves getting a Master’s degree, just a different one. 
  • These pregnancy hormones make me all sensitive and pissy.  Watch out people – don’t cross me or else. 

**Updated to add:  At 11:45am I officially ended my pity party.  Thank goodness.  That was dreadful.


Yet I am not really going anywhere.  About every year or so, I repeat this same cycle. The lack of forward momentum is nobody’s fault but my own.  I hit roadblocks and become sort of stuck.  I lose track of my vision which only makes me question if my vision was really legit to begin with.  If you truly want to make a change, then shouldn’t you have no problem sticking to it?   

And so the curse continues and my wheels are still spinning…

A couple of days ago now, a cold sore the size of Texas took up residence on my upper lip.  Having not had a cold sore in well over a year, I did not see the warning signs.  I’ll blame the absent-mindedness on pregnancy.  Although, they do say that pregnancy changes the way your body reacts to certain ailments, so maybe this is just another one of those.    So the cold sore, or rather SORES – yes, I have multiple going on – they are awful.  Quite possibly the worst I have ever had.  Normally I am not a vain person, but damn, these things really make me look hideous. 

I actually stayed home from work yesterday.  My upper lip was all swollen and it just plain hurt to talk.  Being home, all by myself, was weird.  Nice weird, but I still felt like there was someone I was supposed to be taking care of.  I cannot tell you the last time I had time all to myself, without responsibilities.  It was a nice recharge.  In fact, I could use more of those days. 

This cold sore situation has brought forth a new medication treatment plan.   Abreva and Campho Phenique (both of which are safe during pregnancy!).  This combo works wonders.  After a solid day of hourly application, my little cold sores are doing much better.  Last night as I was laying in bed, my husband said out of the blue “You smell like camp.”  He went on to tell me that when he used to go to Boy Scout camp they would give them Campho for all sorts of things…bug bites, burns, etc…  Thanks honey!  Perhaps I overdid it on the meds yesterday? 

Despite my last couple of posts on indifference and lack of knitting projects, I have been doing quite a bit of crafting in my house.  Thing is – I cannot talk about said craft projects on this here blog until after December 11th.  What’s on December 11th you ask?  My little sister’s wedding!!!  It’s a mere 41 days away and I am totally on task with my projects. 

As the Matron of Honor, I volunteered my sewing services for a couple of projects.  One project (which I can say here) is my nieces flower girl dress.  While this one hasn’t even been started yet, I have confidence that it will be completed within the next week or so.  The biggest project of all though was completed this past weekend.  And it feels SO damn good to be done.  For a while there I thought I was working in some sort of sweat shop (minus the harsh conditions part of course).  I cannot imagine sewing the same thing over and over and over again for a living.  I need variety and creativity.  I did however come up with my own pattern on this project.  Which, after December 11th, will be released.  I know, the anticipation must be killing you. 

I have other projects up my sleeve too.  However, these are SUPER, SUPER,  DUPER secrets.  Secrets that the bride does not even know of.  

This post has basically been just one big tease. 

That’s been the theme of my 2nd pregnancy.  It’s an odd feeling as I normally have my mind set on what I want to create, do, eat, etc…  I’ve been adding tons of knitting patterns to my Ravelry favorites list and yet, I can’t seem to start any of them.  The projects that I have started have been sitting, untouched for weeks upon weeks now. I feel so indifferent about everything that I literally cannot make up my mind. 

Next week marks the half way point and truly, it feels like I have been pregnant for so long already.  While I couldn’t be more excited for the bundle of joy at the end, I am ready for this pregnancy to be over.  I am just not one of those women who enjoy pregnancy.  I know how fortunate we are to be having another child and so I try to keep the complaining to a minimum.   I really am so excited for this new addition to our family of three.

In so many ways, this pregnancy has been way different from my first.  For starters, I am exhausted 95% of the time.  Then there is my face.  I look like I am 13 again.  My doc basically laughed at me when I asked if there was anything I could do to fix this.  Also, my belly is huge, already. 

Niece touching my belly at my little sister’s bridal shower.

See, I am huge.  I was this big when I was a little more than 6 months pregnant with my first.  Get this though, I have only gained about 5 pounds so far! 

On my plane ride home from Florida yesterday, I started the Wood Hollow mittens.  Hopefully, I will actually finish this project.  The yarn I am using is Berroco Blackstone Tweed in plum.  It’s truly divine.  Never have I felt a tweed this soft.  I am hoping this project will break my indifference cycle. 

With my new love of sewing, comes a new medium – FABRIC.  It’s a good thing I don’t have oodles of cash to spend on fabric.  Otherwise, I would end up with my very own fabric store. 

As silly as this may sound, I sometimes feel guilty for looking at fabric all of the time.  Has fabric now replaced yarn??  I don’t even feel all that jazzed about any particular knitting pattern at the moment.   Just typing that is well, weird.  I thought for sure my knitting mojo was back after completing Ambrosia from the new Summer issue of Interweave Knits, but apprently it’s not.  No photos have been taken AND I haven’t even worn it yet!  Currently the cardi is residing in my craft room burried under a pile of dare I say, FABRIC.  Am I cheating on my knitting obsession??  I think so. 

We headed over to the neighborhood pool this afternoon only to discover that it is closed on Mondays (for cleaning).  So, we brought the pool to us!

Hunter was pretty stoked about the pool.  Perhaps even more excited about his new mask.

While I am excited about being able to go swimming and do other summertime activities, I am dreading the heat .  This summer I hope to not be so miserable.  I have a list of different places around Austin that I hope to check out this summer.   All of which, include some sort of water activity.  What do you do to stay cool during the summer?

Both good and tragic, last week was stressful to say the least.   So much so that on Friday I fell asleep at 7:30pm and woke up on Saturday morning at 6:30am.  Yep, I slept for 11 hours straight.  Turns out, I don’t handle stress all that great.  My body needed to rest and rest is what I received.

So what happened you ask?  Let’s start with the bad.  On Tuesday, I found out that a co-worker passed away.  While he wasn’t a close friend, I still saw and spoke to him almost every single day.   With everything else going on (more on that later) I didn’t really process his passing until Friday.  I guess my way of coping with death is trying to do everything possible to help out the people who were closest to him.  On Friday afternoon, I simply broke down.  Especially after I read that he was an only child and that he was ONLY 33 years old.  I feel so bad for his parents.  Mike was their baby boy.  He was so young and had so much left of his life to live.  I can’t help but to wonder if Mike was doing what he loved or if he wanted more.  It doesn’t really matter because in an instance that was all taken from him.  I  have been told that his parents are deeply religious and they truly believe he is in a better place now.  There is some comfort in that I guess.

OK, now for the great news.  I am officially a University of Texas at Austin employee!!  Last week I accepted an administrative position and will begin my new job on January 4th.  While I am sad to leave my current position, this new position brings wonderful opportunities.   I could tell from the first interview that I would be a great fit to their department.  I felt like I could easily get along with everyone and that well, I belonged there.  Oh and did I mention that there are Knitters in the department?!  How exciting is that!  It will be really nice to discuss yarn and not have people look at me like I am nuts.

Christmas is only 3 days away and I can honestly say, I have everything done.  We are thinking about celebrating on Christmas Eve morning as The Husband has to work Christmas Day morning.  Since we have some people coming over for Christmas Day dinner, I thought it might be too hectic to try and squeeze in opening presents as soon as he gets home from work.  Besides, we have to give Santa ample time to drop off presents for Hunter.

Hope everyone has a great Holiday and no worries, I have some knitting updates coming soon, including a new (free) pattern!

Grand Teton National Park, Winter 2006

Today, in Austin, TX, there is a 53% chance of snow.  Even if the weather people are wrong (which they tend to be A LOT), it’s still pretty darn chilly outside,  even for an ex-Wyomingite.  A good indicator that it’s cold outside, is when my husband makes the switch-over to closed toe shoes.  We also caved and put the heater on last night.

This morning while I was getting ready for work, I realized a very serious problem.  I have NOTHING in terms of knitwear for me wear on cold days.  How ridiculous is that people?!  I have a ton of adorable hats/mittens/scarves on my favorites list (on Ravelry) but none of which have been made, for ME!!!  What’s wrong with this picture?

A couple of weeks ago I scored some Malabrigo Chunky in color Paris Night on ebay.  I have 4 skeins, which is just enough to make some mittens and a cute hat.  Too bad I have so much other knitting to complete first!  I might have to squeeze these in as  my fingers (and ears!) could use a little warmth!

We have a houseful of guests arriving in about a week.  I have officially decided that I am not going to do what everyone thinks I am gonna do and FLIP OUT about cleaning.  No, not me, not this time around at least.  I think I found a way to happily clean though.   Reorganize my yarn stash!  Yarn has been taking over our guest bedroom for some time now and while I may find this appealing, not all house guests like to fondle yarn in their sleep.  So, the stash had to be moved.  The previous owners of our house left these shelves in our loft area.  Even though they were super cool, I really never could figure out what to put on them, until now!  YARN!  They were just begging for soft, lush, colorful yarn!  Check it:

After moving my stash to a somewhat public (meaning my husband can see it in its entirety) spot, I realized that in the future, this could hurt me.  I can just hear it now:

Me:  “Honey, I would like to buy some yarn for this super  beautiful sweater I want to make.”

The Husband:  “Why, you have an entire bookcase upstairs full of yarn?”

See, the new move could totally backfire on me.  Really, I don’t have that much yarn.  In a lot of ways, I wish I could be a knitter who only buys yarn for whatever project they are currently working on.  What can I say, I am easily wooed by yummy yarn.  It’s a weakness I have and I fully admit that.  I have excellent intentions when I actually purchase the yarn.  Really, I do.  I know exactly what I want to make and am ready to cast on.  The problem is that I lose focus and lose it fast.  One thing is certain, revisiting all of my yarn really made me excited about all of the projects they were intended to be used for…

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