They really do make it look SO easy on Project Runway.  Sewing is hard, especially if you are a newbie.  Making a “simple” dress is hard, especially for a newbie.  Sewing in an invisible zipper is hard, especially for a newbie. Here’s the dress, minus the sash and sewn hem line.

It’s safe to say that this dress got the better half of me today.  At one point, I wanted to burn it on the spot.  On the bright side, I learned a LOT of new things while sewing this dress:

  • I like to knit a LOT more than I like to sew.
  • Working with fabric other than cotton is tough to get used to at first (fabric is dupioni silk).
  • Zippers take patience.
  • Sewing good, takes practice.
  • I need more practice.
  • I need more patience.
  • I like to knit a LOT more than I like to sew.

I am glad I made this dress though.  My niece is so damn cute that no one will even be looking at my sewing skills.  Plus, the sash is going to cover up some of my “mistakes”.

PS – I am done with my projects for my sister’s wedding and it feels DAMN GOOD.