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Project Specs

Pattern:     Ishbel by Ysolda Teague

Pattern source:  Ravelry

Finished Size: Small

Supplies: Fiber Fervor in Perfectly Plum, Size 7 Needles (24″ circular) and darning needle.

Date started: 9/7/10

Date completed: 6/27/10 (I know, almost a year!)

MY RAVELRY LINK: Cimi’s Ishbel

Yes, let’s go ahead and mark another unfinished project off of the list!  Woo hoooo!  It only took me a little less than a year to complete!  In my own defense, when I began this project I had just started blogging for Patons and I already had at least 3 other projects on the needles.  Also, the yarn I used is my own and was purchased by my Mom from my Etsy store.  You see, she loved the color so much, that she purchased it and then asked me what I was going to make for her with it.  So really, this unfinished project wasn’t entirely my fault.

OK, so the pattern.  While it was wonderfully written, I am not sure my brain is cut out for so much lace.  Sometimes I just love to knit.  Good ole brainless knittin’.  Well, not so much the case with Ishbel.  However, the final product makes me want to knit one up for myself!  Such a beautiful design.  It truly boggles my mind how someone can come up with lace designs.  Ysolda’s patterns are always well written and I always learn something new.  This time it was the bind off – a purl 2 together bind off.  Interesting and yet it makes complete sense! 

When choosing yarn for a project, one is faced with a gazillion options.  From brand to fiber content to price, it can become quite overwhelming.  Every now and again you come across fiber that is ridiculously yummy.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new yarn from Patons, Patons Pure Organic Cotton, then go right now and find some.  It’s soft and thick (worsted weight) and strong and delish!  This yarn has officially made it’s way into my heart and is now my go to cotton yarn.

IMG_3913Cables & Lace Hoodie, Patons Pattern Book – Pure Style

Patons Pure Organic Cotton, Butter

What are your go-to yarns?

The yarn I ordered form Yarnundyed FINALLY arrived!  I must say I am impressed.  It is SUPER soft, like wear next to your skin super soft.  I must have sat and fondled the yarn for around 30 minutes before breaking it into skeins.  I got the Aran weight 500gm cone.  4 skeins out of it.  When I was measuring out the 4th skein I came up 40 feet short.  Now, this could be my measuring technique and I won’t know for sure until after i dye it all and then re-measure.  I couldn’t figure out how to get the yarn off of the cone through the measuring meter and onto the umbrella swift with the right amount of tension.  OK, enough details, here are some pics…

img_1431We are in the process of re-doing our living room floor, so please just focus on the beautful super soft cone of 100% organic merino wool!

img_1434Ready to hit the kettle!


YARN!  My yarn dyeing supplies FINALLY arrived.  Took almost two weeks and I must say it was well worth the wait.  My 1st skein is drying as I type!  Since it took what seemed like years for the dye to arrive I had plenty of time to research exactly what dyeing technique I would use first – variegated kettle dyeing.  It would be unlike me to start off with an “easy” solid color.  Let’s just say the directions make the process seem way easier than the actual doing.  I also found out that I have NO idea how to mix colors.  Think I need to invest in a color wheel.



I think I just officially nerded out.  Yes, this is what I do on a Friday night and I am not afraid to admit it.

Eeek!  I am so excited to see the final (dried) product!!!!

Having read many reviews regarding this yarn, I went ahead and ordered it off of eBay.   I have to say that I am not very pleased with Cotton Fleece.  With the cotton/wool blend I thought that there would be at least some stretch to it.  Well, there’s not.  Just like the clothes I buy from the store, there has to be a little stretch.  I put the yarn up on eBay in hopes of selling it.  Just don’t think I will ever use it.  Plus, I want to put the proceeds towards the new yarn I want to use for my upcoming project, Berroco Love It.  I have worked with this yarn before and LOVE IT, pun intended.  It is a Cotton/Acrylic blend. I know some people are anti-acrylic yarn, but I think there are some exceptions.

Here is the yarn I ordered that is now for sale:


If you notice below, the skein (that is furthest on the left in above picture) is not a solid color.  Apparently there were some problems during the dyeing process.  I am throwing this skein in for free!


What is your favorite cotton yarn to work with?  Inquiring minds would like to know…

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