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Fall has finally arrived to the lower half of the US.  With this cooler weather comes a sudden urge to KNIT.  If only I could spend the day on my couch, knitting away under a warm blanket.  OK, so it’s not that cold here yet!  So no blanket then.  The little dude asked me yesterday if I would make him a hat.  A black hat to match his “spider” jacket.  (basic black Spider brand jacket). 

Here’s what I am thinking: 

Thorpe  using Berroco Peruvia Quick.  Eventhough he said black, I am thinking more of a black and charcoal grey stripe with a pom-pom on top.  I love this pattern and have used it several times.  Knits up super quick with the bulky yarn.  I may even try out the fair isle design in lieu of the stipes.  Thoughts?
Photo and pattern:  by Kristen Kapur from Through the Loops
As for me…  Not really sure yet.  I could probably use a Thrope of my own.  In fact, I have a nice little stash of Malabrigo Chunky in Paris Night (YUMMY!!).  4 skeins to be exact.  I also have two skeins of Malabrigo Worsted in Polar Morn just begging to be made into a hat and matching scarf.  Tough choices…  What’s your favorite scarf pattern? 
Random question…  Do you think it’s totally nuts to try and take an online class next semester?  Baby is due March 8th and the class is from Jan. 18th to May 16th.  Since it’s online, it’s somewhat at my own pace.  I’ll have deadlines of course, but they will be spread out. 

As the oldest nephew, my son will be the ring bearer in my little sister’s wedding.  He’s pretty excited about this task, although I am pretty sure he has no idea what it all entails.  Walking down an isle with a bunch of people, whom he doesn’t know, staring at him.  Should be interesting!  May have to do a little bribing.  We’ve been practicing at home and on our recent trip to Florida, he even got to practice at the venue itself.

Well, we can officially mark another project off of my “to make for Erinn’s wedding” list.  When my sister first announced she was getting married, I immediately asked  (after a congrats of course!!) if I could pretty please make the ring bearer pillow.  She agreed and I started searching for a pattern.  I knew what I wanted, yet could not find the perfect pattern.  However, I did find a chart that I just LOVE.  It’s by Eunny Yang and the pattern is her Venezia Pullover from the Winter 2006, Interweave Knits issue.  I incorporated the chart into simple pillow pattern and voila – ring bearer pillow!!

I lovelovelove (sister’s signature saying btw!) it when a vision comes out exactly as planned.  Now, time to practice with the little ring bearer to be…

Raveled HERE.

IMG_3499Project Specs

Pattern: Hooded Cardigan by Patons

Pattern source: Patons Pattern Book, Next Steps Six – Learn to Cable and Ravelry.

Finished Size:  2

Supplies: Size US 6 and US 7, 24″ Circular Needles, 4 balls of Patons Classic Wool in Moss Heather. Scrap Yarn, darning needle and 4, 1″ buttons.

Ravelry Link:  Hunter’s Fall Hoodie

LOVED knitting this for my son, Hunter.  The pattern was great, the yarn was awesome and better yet, it only took me a little over 2 weeks to complete!  Gotta love small garments…  What was really cute though, was how exited Hunter was throughout the process.  Whenever I would be working on it in front of him, he would say “Hunter’s jacket Mommy.”  He was also very patient while trying this on for me.  I cannot wait for it to get cooler here so he can actually wear it!


The back is my favorite part!


Since this was a project for the Patons blog, you can read more details on any modifications that were made HERE.

Coming soon…  Fair Isle Socks, Ishbel and starting the Autumn Rose Pullover

After a nasty spill while attempting to climb out of his crib (he’s totally OK though!) we made the executive decision to switch the Little Dude’s crib into the toddler bed option.  Even though I have been excited about this step for some time now I have to say when it was all set up, I was a little sad.  What happened to my baby?! And does this mean I don’t get to sleep in on the weekends anymore!?!



<sigh> He turns three at the end of October.

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