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Project Specs

Pattern:     Ishbel by Ysolda Teague

Pattern source:  Ravelry

Finished Size: Small

Supplies: Fiber Fervor in Perfectly Plum, Size 7 Needles (24″ circular) and darning needle.

Date started: 9/7/10

Date completed: 6/27/10 (I know, almost a year!)

MY RAVELRY LINK: Cimi’s Ishbel

Yes, let’s go ahead and mark another unfinished project off of the list!  Woo hoooo!  It only took me a little less than a year to complete!  In my own defense, when I began this project I had just started blogging for Patons and I already had at least 3 other projects on the needles.  Also, the yarn I used is my own and was purchased by my Mom from my Etsy store.  You see, she loved the color so much, that she purchased it and then asked me what I was going to make for her with it.  So really, this unfinished project wasn’t entirely my fault.

OK, so the pattern.  While it was wonderfully written, I am not sure my brain is cut out for so much lace.  Sometimes I just love to knit.  Good ole brainless knittin’.  Well, not so much the case with Ishbel.  However, the final product makes me want to knit one up for myself!  Such a beautiful design.  It truly boggles my mind how someone can come up with lace designs.  Ysolda’s patterns are always well written and I always learn something new.  This time it was the bind off – a purl 2 together bind off.  Interesting and yet it makes complete sense! 

I am happy to introduce the newest member of the Fiber Fervor family.  Please give a warm welcome to, Pumpkin Spice:

IMG_3903100% Organic Merino Wool, DK – 220 yards per skein

I am in the process of ordering more of this particular base and will be updating my shop in the near future with new colorways.

(Check out the progress I made on Honeycomb last night.  Bottom rib band done and now officially workin’ on the body!)

Had my very first root canal this morning and let me tell you, it was awesome.  NOT.  I don’t know what it is with me, but my body just does not react well to drugs.  After they gave me the numbing shots my heart starting racing.  It was really scary and I sort of (OK, DID) freaked out.  The Dental Assistant suggested that maybe for next time I consider sedation.  Um, there better not be a next time!  Eventually I calmed down and the Dentist did his thang.  Piece o’ cake.  It’s been like 5 hours since the procedure and I can almost feel my face again.

So now that the ‘Dental Fiasco of 2009’ is over and done with (fingers crossed!), I can go back to concentrating on all things fiber related.  Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting Amy Singer (  Yay!!  I only had my sitter for an hour (thanks again Ryan!!!!) and boy did it go by fast.  I enjoyed every second of it!

In the midst of sheer pain this past weekend, I did manage to dye more yarn.  I give you, Chestnut.  You know, because fall is almost here and who doesn’t love a rich, decadent, yummy, brown yarn??

IMG_3299Chestnut is a kettle dyed yarn with a blend of rich shades of medium to dark browns. Approximately 200 yards (100 grams) of luxurious 100% Ultrafine Organic Merino Wool in aran weight make this yarn incredibly soft. Enough for a lovely hat, mittens or even a scarf!
Certified Australian Organic Merino Wool.


OK, so before I say what I am about to say, I want you all to know that I promise not to neglect my current projects.  I swear on 20 skeins of Malabrigo that I WILL complete my current projects.  Err, I started making Ishbel.  There, I said it.  It’s out in the open and I don’t have to hide anymore.


My knitting Coach (aka my husband) is going to be furious with me.  I trust that you all can keep this little tid bit of information between us ?  I started this mostly because I wanted to see how ‘Perfectly Plum‘ looked when wound up.  Ishbel will be for my Mom.  So Mom, if I get in trouble, it will be all your fault.

What do wedding planning and knitting have in common?  COLOR!!!!  My sister Erinn, the Event Planner, and I frequently find ourselves discussing color.  What colors complement one another?  What colors are “in” right now?  What colors go with each season?  Etc…  Recently she has been debating what colors she would like to use for her winter wedding in December 2010.  Originally she had decided on majolica blue, warm olive and slate, but as other planning is coming together, her vision is changing.  Lately (as in the last couple of days) she has been leaning towards the color plum.  Plum is, in my opinion, a fantastic color.  It’s warm, yet chic.  Inviting and romantic.  Complimentary to many, many other colors.  Really, it’s a pretty kick ass color.  All of which are excellent reasons to choose a color for an event such as a wedding.  Not only that, but I do think my hair color and skin tone would go excellent with a plum bridesmaid dress.  hehe

In honor of my sister possibly changing her color scheme, I give you ‘Perfectly Plum‘:

IMG_3162Perfectly Plum is a kettle dyed yarn made of vibrant shades of plum. Approximately 430 yards (100 grams) of luxurious 100% Ultrafine Organic Merino Wool in sock weight make this yarn incredibly soft and springy. Enough for an adult pair of socks, fingerless mitts/gloves or perhaps a lace project. The possibilities are endless…
Certified Australian Organic Merino Wool.

Available at Fiber Fervor.

IMG_3087Fair Isle Sock pattern from Socks in The City, Kroy Sock Yarn

OK, so I got the yarn for my first Patons project and have been trucking away on these fair isle socks.  I have never, until now, realized how tedious fair isle knitting can be.  Probably because I am making socks.  Thin yarn, loads of stitches and LOTS of concentration.  This is not a project in which I can read and knit at the same time.  In order to help combat the cursing and headaches, I am using my super cool chart keeper thingie from KnitPicks.  Every lace, cable or fair isle knitter NEEDS this thing.  I redid the fair isle pattern on my computer.   Blew it up to a size that is actually, you know, readable.  However, I am STILL getting lost!!!  I need suggestions people.  How do you organize your fair isle projects?


OK, so doesn’t this yarn look YUMMY?!?!?!  Seriously, I could fondle it all day long.


Lilypad Lace is going to be a hard skein to part with one day.  I might even shed a tear at the post office.


I also added Rainbow Sorbet to my Organic Sock Yarn line.


Visit for more details!!

This morning was just like most of my mornings, groggy and not really ready to start my day.  With coffee in hand, I sat down at my desk, opened up my email and discovered that, yes, I SOLD MY FIRST SKEIN OF YARN!  What can I say?  Pure joy took over and suddenly, I was awake.  What a great way to start my day!

Last week I finally got around to setting up and “opening” an Etsy Shop.  I really haven’t said all too much about said shop because I was waiting to get more inventory.  Well, I think now is a better time than any to announce that FIBER FERVOR is open for business!!  I want to go home right now and dye more yarn.

Sold Sunburst

‘Sunburst’ is made of vibrant shades of orange, gold and yellow.
220 yards (100 grams) of luxurious 100% Ultrafine Organic Merino Wool in worsted weight make this yarn incredibly soft.  Do not fret my friends, I will be stocking the store with more of this yarn in other colorways soon!

The best part about this sale is what the buyer wrote in the ‘Message from the buyer section’:  “If this yarn were a boy, I would marry it!”  FREAKIN’ AWESOME.  I am elated to sell my very first skein of yarn to someone who LOVES fiber as much as I do.

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