All I wanted to do this weekend was complete at least one project.  With Hunter’s space quilt nearing closer and closer to its end, I thought for sure it would be on his bed by Sunday.  I had been making good time on the quilt and by Saturday evening, I sat down at my sewing machine, quilt sandwich in hand and ready to quilt that bad boy.  I really thought the quilting process was going to be the easiest part of this project.

‘Easy’ is far from accurate when describing what I experienced next.  Not only was the big ass quilt (only a twin size!) heavy, it was also completely awkward to hold and feed through the machine.  To top it all off, after ONE horizontal line, my machine got so jammed up that it simply stopped working.  The needle was jammed (stuck) all the way down and would NOT come up.  Eventually I had to unscrew everything and pull the needle out through where the bobbin is located.  I then cursed a bunch, which is always how my Mom gets her machine to work.  When that didn’t work, I phoned my Mom.  She too was at a loss and advised that I walk away from the machine.  It’s a good thing I took her advice, otherwise, there probably would have been a broken window and a sewing machine on my front lawn.  Tears of frustration were literally welling up in my eyes. 

The next morning I ventured back into my craft room and sat down at my machine.  I gave it some love, turned it on and to my surprise, it actually worked.  Turns out, my machine was only “nearly dead”.  Did a little oiling and a little testing and voila, my machine is now running great.   A great lesson was learned from all of this…  Knitting does not require relying on a machine.

Coming soon….  Ring Bearer Pillow!