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square-needlesWhile swooning over yarn at my LYS last week I came across Square DPNs.  I asked the owner of the shop about them and she went on to say that they were “good” for your hands.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I have been knitting for a little while my fingers and hands start cramping up.  Apparently these needles are easier to hold, thus making it easier on your hands/fingers.  So obviously, I had to buy some.  I actually needed some for another project I am about to start.  Yes, another project.  That would make 5 projects on the needles.  I am unstoppable people!  A friend of mine recently told me to “beware” after I told her how many projects I had going on.  Still haven’t figured out what she meant by that.  I get bored with only project going on.  Besides, I just finished two projects, don’t I need to replace them?!   It would be unfair to the Knitting Gods if I didn’t.

Oh, they also make circular Square needles.  The cord is SUPER flexible which is always nice, especially if you are doing Magic Loop!  No, I have not gone back to that silly technique yet.

kpoptionsAbout 6 months ago a friend suggested I try the KnitPicks  Options Interchangeable circular needle set.  I ended up getting these for Christmas from my Secret Santa.  AWESOME.  I love them.  For the price, they are totally worth it.  Nice and sharp too, which makes doing increases super easy.  Honestly, I am not sure how I knitted without them.  I saw that Addi Turbo came out with an interchangeable set and while I am sure they are super nice, they are also freakin’ expensive.  I would rather spend that money on more yarn!

I am anxiously awaiting starting my Malabrigo March  09 projects.  I have everything ready to go and even checked my gauge.  Yay!!!

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