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I am happy to introduce the newest member of the Fiber Fervor family.  Please give a warm welcome to, Pumpkin Spice:

IMG_3903100% Organic Merino Wool, DK – 220 yards per skein

I am in the process of ordering more of this particular base and will be updating my shop in the near future with new colorways.

(Check out the progress I made on Honeycomb last night.  Bottom rib band done and now officially workin’ on the body!)

This past weekend was rather successful, knitting wise.  While I don’t have any finished projects to speak of, I did make a lot of progress on my current projects.  Soooo I think I really want to start yet another project.  Here’s the catch:  I want to wear it on Thanksgiving.  I know, I know, Turkey Day is right around the corner!  You see, this is our first BIG Thanksgiving.  We have family coming in from the east coast and well, I just want it to be perfect, including my Thanksgiving Day attire.

The pattern is Honeycomb from Knitty, Spring 2008.  The yarn is Fiber Fervor, Organic  Merino DK in color, Pumpkin Spice.  I dyed the yarn this past weekend and the color is SO yummy.  Here is a sneak peak.  My coworker was super nice and snapped a photo with her swanky new phone.  Thanks Lindsey!

2009-11-10 09.36.47

This is totally doable right?  I mean, it’s a shell/vest.  That shouldn’t take too long to knit right?  The husband told me last night that there was no way I could finish it in time.  He seems to think that the closer the time comes for family to arrive, that I am going to go all nuts and deep clean the house.  Like I have ever done that before!  HA!   I have 10 days to knock this out .  Am I totally crazy for taking this on right before a houseful of guests arrive?

What do wedding planning and knitting have in common?  COLOR!!!!  My sister Erinn, the Event Planner, and I frequently find ourselves discussing color.  What colors complement one another?  What colors are “in” right now?  What colors go with each season?  Etc…  Recently she has been debating what colors she would like to use for her winter wedding in December 2010.  Originally she had decided on majolica blue, warm olive and slate, but as other planning is coming together, her vision is changing.  Lately (as in the last couple of days) she has been leaning towards the color plum.  Plum is, in my opinion, a fantastic color.  It’s warm, yet chic.  Inviting and romantic.  Complimentary to many, many other colors.  Really, it’s a pretty kick ass color.  All of which are excellent reasons to choose a color for an event such as a wedding.  Not only that, but I do think my hair color and skin tone would go excellent with a plum bridesmaid dress.  hehe

In honor of my sister possibly changing her color scheme, I give you ‘Perfectly Plum‘:

IMG_3162Perfectly Plum is a kettle dyed yarn made of vibrant shades of plum. Approximately 430 yards (100 grams) of luxurious 100% Ultrafine Organic Merino Wool in sock weight make this yarn incredibly soft and springy. Enough for an adult pair of socks, fingerless mitts/gloves or perhaps a lace project. The possibilities are endless…
Certified Australian Organic Merino Wool.

Available at Fiber Fervor.

Ever since the color wheel plan, I have been doing lots of test skeins.  Really, I am just trying to figure out how dye works.  Based on my small amount of experience, I would have to say that so far dye is a hard medium to work with.  With a little more practice and time, I just might get there.  Where there is, I have no idea.  What I do know is that I really enjoy dyeing yarn.  Especially when it turns out how I want!

A couple of posts ago, I spoke about the color sage.  However, I did not post a picture of the final outcome.    On a whim, I decided to just go for it and dye a skein of BFL (Bluefaced Leicester) sock yarn that I picked up a while back.  There is a natural shine to the yarn that allows color to show very well.  Not to mention it is incredibly soft. Reminds me SO much of Malabrigo sock yarn.


IMG_1873I just love the effect of kettle dyeing.  You get so many shades in one skein.

Feeling brave I decided to give a couple more colors a shot.  My sister suggested salmon and here is how it turned out:


My husband commented:  “Wow, that is the first time that you said what color you wanted to make and it actually turned out that color.”  haha – Nice.  The other sample skein is my attempt at navy.  I think it is hard to mess up navy.  The two colors compliment each other nicely.

Well, the rain did not stop, but I did manage to take a couple of pics last night.

Blue Raspberry.  Aran Weight.  100% Organic Merino Wool.  3 ply:


Purple Illumination.  Sock weight.  100% Merino Wool.  Superwash.  3 ply:



OK, so I need some feedback here.  What do ya’ll think?  That’s right.  I used the word ‘ya’ll’.

Since the color wheel plan, I have been busy dyeing.  While nothing has been absolutely amazing, I am learning a thing or two about mixing colors.  1) Never start mixing dye with the darker color and 2) red is WAY more potent than most colors.

img_1581Scarlet and Sunkiss

Believe it or not, I only used two colors to make each of these skeins.   Kettle dyeing is truly amazing.  You just never really know what you are going to get.  Not only do the dye colors change once heat is applied but with kettle dyeing you get SO many hues of one color.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…simply magical!

UGH.  So, the “brown” turned out looking like baby poop.  I change lots of diapers (have a 2.5 year old), so I know all about this color.  So dissappointing…



I am happy with the shade of pink and turquoise though.  So I guess that is a plus!

Literally.  Dyeing yarn is SO MUCH FUN.  Who knew?!?!  I think the most exciting part is winding up the yarn to see the final product.  It’s like magic…



I am very pleased with how this came out and will use this technique again.  I actually think I could duplicate this colorway which is the first time in my yarn dyeing experience that I am able to say that!  Here’s how I did it:  First, I put the yarn in the pot.  Then I mixed up some red and yellow dye (separately of course).  I then poured the yellow dye in first over one section only.  Then poured the red dye everywhere where the yellow did not cover.  Lifted the yellow dye up a little so that the red did not “mix in” with it too much.  Slowly brought it to a simmer and left it for like 30 minutes.  Let it cool, soaked the skein in a little wool wash , let it dry and voila!  I shall name this colorway….SUNBURST!

So I got in contact with the yarn company I ordered yarn from.  Turns out my yarn IS on its way and has been since last week.  They sent me a very nice email explaining the situation.  The yarn should arrive sometime next week.  I am VERY excited.

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