A couple of days ago now, a cold sore the size of Texas took up residence on my upper lip.  Having not had a cold sore in well over a year, I did not see the warning signs.  I’ll blame the absent-mindedness on pregnancy.  Although, they do say that pregnancy changes the way your body reacts to certain ailments, so maybe this is just another one of those.    So the cold sore, or rather SORES – yes, I have multiple going on – they are awful.  Quite possibly the worst I have ever had.  Normally I am not a vain person, but damn, these things really make me look hideous. 

I actually stayed home from work yesterday.  My upper lip was all swollen and it just plain hurt to talk.  Being home, all by myself, was weird.  Nice weird, but I still felt like there was someone I was supposed to be taking care of.  I cannot tell you the last time I had time all to myself, without responsibilities.  It was a nice recharge.  In fact, I could use more of those days. 

This cold sore situation has brought forth a new medication treatment plan.   Abreva and Campho Phenique (both of which are safe during pregnancy!).  This combo works wonders.  After a solid day of hourly application, my little cold sores are doing much better.  Last night as I was laying in bed, my husband said out of the blue “You smell like camp.”  He went on to tell me that when he used to go to Boy Scout camp they would give them Campho for all sorts of things…bug bites, burns, etc…  Thanks honey!  Perhaps I overdid it on the meds yesterday?