My birthday was a couple of weeks ago now.  As always, my husband totally surprised me with a very awesome gift – a spinning wheel!  I find it really interesting that my husband picked out this gift all by himself.  To be honest, I really never gave spinning much thought.  I mean, I always thought it looked like fun and that maybe one day I would give it a spin (get it?  haha). 

So with a new craft (because really it IS totally different from knitting/crocheting) comes new supplies.  A whole new world of fiber possibilities has just opened up to me.  Do I get roving, combed top, merino, BFL, Corriedale, the list can go on and on and on.  Not to mention, do I hand dye my own or buy already dyed?  

A friend here in Austin runs Spinning Colors.  She hand dyes fiber and yarn.  Seriously, the colors that she comes up with are amazing.  Bold, rich and simply beautiful!!  To start off with, I picked up three different colorways, all between 4-5 ounces. 




(Photos taken by Stephanie Gage of Spinning Colors)

I had a TON of trouble starting off by myself.  Let’s just say, tears were shed.  I blame that on the pregnancy hormones!  If you are new to spinning, I highly suggest taking a lesson.  Stephanie (from Spinning Colors) invited me the ‘South Austin Spinners’ group that meets at The Knitting Nest twice a month.  Before I knew it, I was spinning!!  Here is my first skein:

'Apricot' fiber from Spinning Colors

I am officially hooked.  Spinning is SO fun!