I couldn’t resist.  The mermaids just speak to me.  I love how whimsical and fun this fabric line is!   The Mendocino collection is just one of many out of print rediculously adorable Heather Ross fabrics out there.  Lately I have become obsessed with the ‘Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries’ line.  Go ahead, google it and proceed to become addicted…

OK, back to the mermaids.  After the first tote I made, I decided to make a couple of mods.  For starters, I wanted a deeper tote.  One that can hold magazines or books or knitting supplies.  Kept the quilting the same and then changed the straps.  The straps on this bag are more sturdy than the previous.  This tote is deep enough so that it does not require any type of closure.  The inside of the bag features a single pocket. 

With all of this sewing fantastic-ness going on in my house, my head is swimming with ideas.  I have plans for different styles of bags, clutches and zippers!  Yes, I am going to be brave and venture into the land of zippers.  I also have the pattern and material for a new, what I am going to call “couch quilt”.  Please stay tunned!!