That’s what Hunter and I discussed on our way to work/school this morning.  Actually, this has been a topic of conversation for WEEKS now.  Every morning Hunter waits until we get on the “highway” to start eating his breakfast. 

Conversation goes a little something like this:

Me:  <driving down the interstate> Hunter, please eat your breakfast.  We are almost to your school.

Hunter:  Mommy, we are not on the highway yet.  No breakfast until we are on the highway.

Me:  But we are ON the higway.  See how there are no lights?  That means we are on a higway.

Hunter:  No we aren’t.  <points to the feeder road>  See, there are lights.

Me:  No, Hunter, that is a road, not the highway.

Hunter:  No it’s not.

Me:  Yes it is.

Hunter:  No it’s not.

This back and forth can literally go on and on.  Trust me on this.

You would think that I would know what a highway is.  I mean afterall, I have been driving for a little over 14 years now.  However, in the eyes (or mind rather) of Hunter, I have no idea what I am talking about.  Unlike the other days, today he let me in on his little secret.  According to Hunter, what distinguishes a road from a highway is simply, the color of the road.  Roads are black and highways are white.   Ohhhhhhh, I get it now. 

This lesson was brought to you by the colors, black and white and the letter of the week, ‘R’.  Please start brainstorming about what super-cool, show and share item, that starts with the letter ‘R’, that Hunter can bring on Friday.  <Discuss>

PS:  I got a little knitting done over the weekend…

PPS:  Took my last test of the semester over the weekend.  You are officially reading the blog of an Honor Roll (do they still call it that?) student.  Yup, I got all As.  WORD.  I asked The Husband if he wanted me to get him a bumper sticker that reads  “My Wife is on the Honor Roll”.  He said he didn’t want be “that guy” who brags about how super smart (and cool) his wife is.