Summer is rapidly approaching here in Austin and I find myself making craft goals.  It is as if summer has the same meaning it did when I was a kid/college student.  That meaning being –  an abundance of free time.  It’s not like I will have any more free time than I currently do (which is hardly any at all!).  I’ll still be doing what I always do.   Not to mention taking a course or two and preparing for the GRE.   So, let’s just pretend for  a moment that I will have that thing I used to know all about – FREE TIME. 

2010 Summer Craft Goals:

  • Finish Autumn Rose Pullover
  • Finish all unfinished projects that I actually intend on finishing ( I think there are 3 (?) that fall into this category)
  • Complete Hunter’s quilt for his “Big Boy” room
  • Start and Finish “The Dude” for my husband’s best friend
  • Ring Bearer Pillow for my sister’s wedding

Oh and I also started a knitting project over the weekend.  The new summer issue of Interweave Knits arrived over the weekend and I immediately cast on the Ambrosia Cardigan using some Berroco Love It I have had in my stash for years now.  The Husband commented that it would take me “6 months” to finish.  Well, I am about 20 rows shy of the half way point.  So HAH – take that Husband.  I’ll show him how long it takes me!

I am really excited to do summer activities with Hunter.  Each time we pass (like every single day) the neighborhood pool he asks me  if it is “hot enough to go to the beach” yet. 

What about you?  Do you have any summer goals?