Momtrends is one of my new favorite blogs to follow.  From honest reviews, to the latest in fashion trends, cooking and parenthood, Nicole shares all.  I also love that there is a post every single day! Fridays are dedicated to cooking and this last Friday was a post on Chocolate Pretzels.  Since cooking really isn’t my thing (I married a Chef for a reason!), I thought that these might be something that I could actually make!  That and my current obsession for a white chocolate and peppermint candy combo.

On Saturday afternoon, we had a very domestic moment.  With Holiday music playing in the background, Hunter and I had an afternoon of making these sweet little treats.  Since gas burners and 3 year olds do not mix, I knew there were certain things that Hunter could help me with.  For one, he is an excellent candy cane crusher:

In fact, he took his job very seriously.  I on the other hand, am not a good white chocolate morsel melter.  Since we do not own a “double broiler”, I whipped up a make shift one.  Took a pot with a little water on the bottom and then set a stainless steel bowl on top.  After a later conversation with Chef Husband, turns out you should NOT turn the heat on high.  OOPS!  The chocolate melted very fast and then became super clumpy.  It was really hard to put the chocolate on the pretzel this way.

Hunter’s other very important job was picking out all of the unbroken pretzel rods.  We don’t really let him have pretzels (too much salt!), so needless to say, he pretty much ate ALL of the broken pretzels.  Funny kid! He was also very good at rolling the chocolate covered pretzels in the crushed up candy canes.

All in all, it was a really fun activity for Hunter and I to do together.  Next weekend we are going to see Santa, decorating cookies and making hot (warm) chocolate.  We might even listen to more Holiday music!

Get the full recipe HERE.

What is your favorite sweet treat to make during the Holiday Season?