Grand Teton National Park, Winter 2006

Today, in Austin, TX, there is a 53% chance of snow.  Even if the weather people are wrong (which they tend to be A LOT), it’s still pretty darn chilly outside,  even for an ex-Wyomingite.  A good indicator that it’s cold outside, is when my husband makes the switch-over to closed toe shoes.  We also caved and put the heater on last night.

This morning while I was getting ready for work, I realized a very serious problem.  I have NOTHING in terms of knitwear for me wear on cold days.  How ridiculous is that people?!  I have a ton of adorable hats/mittens/scarves on my favorites list (on Ravelry) but none of which have been made, for ME!!!  What’s wrong with this picture?

A couple of weeks ago I scored some Malabrigo Chunky in color Paris Night on ebay.  I have 4 skeins, which is just enough to make some mittens and a cute hat.  Too bad I have so much other knitting to complete first!  I might have to squeeze these in as  my fingers (and ears!) could use a little warmth!