It’s that time of year again and the search is on:  a kick-ass Christmas present for Hunter.  I find myself changing my mind frequently.  One thing is certain, it needs to be perfect and age appropriate.  Last year we I sort of jumped the gun and got the little dude a Brio train set.  The set (got it off ebay for $75) is totally amazing and while he loves it now, it was a different story  last year on Christmas morning.  The set was very overwhelming for a 2 year old and up until a couple of months ago, he could not play with it without getting extremely frustrated.  So, this year, Hunter needs a toy that is fun, durable, age approriate and encourages the use of his imagination.

This tree house by Plan Toys is is at the top of the list.  I know Hunter would really dig this and have a blast playing with it over and over again.  Think of all the fun scenarios he can come up with.  Next year when we start him on the Playmobile stuff, I know this toy would also work really well with that.

Today while I was browsing for good prices on the above tree house, I came across some vintage Fisher Price toys.  Stuff that, as a child, I once had.  Remember all of the Little People stuff?  I know we had the school, barn, airplane, school bus (I think?) and many, many more.   In fact, my Mom still has the train and recently my older sister purchased the train for her little ones off of ebay.  This got me thinking.  Remember the castle?  How cool would that be for Hunter?!  I just know he would love it and well, it’s just awesome!

There are a bunch of castles for sale on ebay right now and boy, are they expensive!  The set pictured above is $275!  OMG – that is really unreasonable.  They have other castles that are in OK condition and are reasonably priced but the problem is that all you get is the castle and some are in not so great condition.  Plus, you still have to buy all of the stuff to go in the castle.  There in  lies the dilemma.

So, what’s it gonna be?  Tree or castle?  What do you all think?