This past weekend was rather successful, knitting wise.  While I don’t have any finished projects to speak of, I did make a lot of progress on my current projects.  Soooo I think I really want to start yet another project.  Here’s the catch:  I want to wear it on Thanksgiving.  I know, I know, Turkey Day is right around the corner!  You see, this is our first BIG Thanksgiving.  We have family coming in from the east coast and well, I just want it to be perfect, including my Thanksgiving Day attire.

The pattern is Honeycomb from Knitty, Spring 2008.  The yarn is Fiber Fervor, Organic  Merino DK in color, Pumpkin Spice.  I dyed the yarn this past weekend and the color is SO yummy.  Here is a sneak peak.  My coworker was super nice and snapped a photo with her swanky new phone.  Thanks Lindsey!

2009-11-10 09.36.47

This is totally doable right?  I mean, it’s a shell/vest.  That shouldn’t take too long to knit right?  The husband told me last night that there was no way I could finish it in time.  He seems to think that the closer the time comes for family to arrive, that I am going to go all nuts and deep clean the house.  Like I have ever done that before!  HA!   I have 10 days to knock this out .  Am I totally crazy for taking this on right before a houseful of guests arrive?