Fall has finally found Austin and with fall, comes the annual Hill Country Yarn Crawl!!  Wooo Hooo!!   This is my first year participating and since I had the little one in tow, I was only able to hit up a few of the shops.  The Little Dude can handle himself well enough for approximately 3 yarn stores.  This is his max, as I found out today.   No tantrums, but MAJOR whining.

Upon planning our route, I just knew we had to hit up the Old Oaks Ranch in Wimberly, TX.  They have alpacas people!  How cool is that?  The drive out there was beautiful.  I had no idea we lived so close to the country.  I just love all of the open land and I do believe we passed my dream house on the way.  An old (light blue) Victorian style, white trimmed house with a wrap around porch.  It sits on top of this hill and is surrounded by oak trees.  Simply stunning.

OK, so the alpacas.   There were so many of them just grazing about.  This was the first time I have ever seen alpacas in person.    I knew that I had to come home with some yarn spun their beautiful fleeces.  It’s really cool that when you pick out the yarn, you can look outside and pretty much figure out who it came from (that and it’s written on the label).




Next year I hope to make more of a day out of it.  At the end of the yarn crawl you turn in your information and are entered into a huge giveaway (fingers crossed).  Stacy, shop owner of The Knitting Nest, asked if there was anything they could do to improve next years Crawl.  I suggested free babysitting.

Don’t forget to enter the yarn giveaway!!!