I am surrounded people.  Seems as though I know so many people  right now who are having babies, are pregnant or are thinking about getting pregnant.  Plus, I feel like I am constantly asked when we will have our second baby.  Especially by people who have never even experienced pregnancy and not to mention that whole getting the baby out part.  Why do people feel the need to ask this?  Such a personal topic.  I mean, I don’t go around asking them when they plan on having a child.

I find myself becoming more and more mentally prepared for baby #2.  We know we want another, it’s just the logistics that keep us from making this happen.  Since Hunter was a “surprise”, we want the next to be uber planned.  Daycare for one child, let alone two is simply put, FREAKIN’ EXPENSIVE.  Most daycares have a two child discount, but it is still well over $1200+ per month here in Austin.    There is no way one of us could be a stay at home parent either.  While I do have plans on winning the lottery, it hasn’t really come to fruition just yet. Oh and my job does not offer maternity leave benefits .  Just a minor detail to consider…  Also, the possibility of having another c-section scares the crap out of me.  I need to be at peace with this before baby #2 happens.  I would hate to spend an entire pregnancy riddled with anxiety over the baby’s exit strategy.

On the other hand, seeing my friends with their newborn babies SO makes me want another, like yesterday.  For all of the obvious reasons and of course, KNITTED BABY ITEMS!!  I really enjoy knitting baby things.  Our next child will have an entire wardrobe made by yours truly.  Is that bad that a new child makes me think of all the cool baby things I can make?  We better have a girl dammit.

Ever heard of the band Crooked Still?  LOVIN’ them….