Had my very first root canal this morning and let me tell you, it was awesome.  NOT.  I don’t know what it is with me, but my body just does not react well to drugs.  After they gave me the numbing shots my heart starting racing.  It was really scary and I sort of (OK, DID) freaked out.  The Dental Assistant suggested that maybe for next time I consider sedation.  Um, there better not be a next time!  Eventually I calmed down and the Dentist did his thang.  Piece o’ cake.  It’s been like 5 hours since the procedure and I can almost feel my face again.

So now that the ‘Dental Fiasco of 2009’ is over and done with (fingers crossed!), I can go back to concentrating on all things fiber related.  Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting Amy Singer (knitty.com).  Yay!!  I only had my sitter for an hour (thanks again Ryan!!!!) and boy did it go by fast.  I enjoyed every second of it!

In the midst of sheer pain this past weekend, I did manage to dye more yarn.  I give you, Chestnut.  You know, because fall is almost here and who doesn’t love a rich, decadent, yummy, brown yarn??

IMG_3299Chestnut is a kettle dyed yarn with a blend of rich shades of medium to dark browns. Approximately 200 yards (100 grams) of luxurious 100% Ultrafine Organic Merino Wool in aran weight make this yarn incredibly soft. Enough for a lovely hat, mittens or even a scarf!
Certified Australian Organic Merino Wool.