What do wedding planning and knitting have in common?  COLOR!!!!  My sister Erinn, the Event Planner, and I frequently find ourselves discussing color.  What colors complement one another?  What colors are “in” right now?  What colors go with each season?  Etc…  Recently she has been debating what colors she would like to use for her winter wedding in December 2010.  Originally she had decided on majolica blue, warm olive and slate, but as other planning is coming together, her vision is changing.  Lately (as in the last couple of days) she has been leaning towards the color plum.  Plum is, in my opinion, a fantastic color.  It’s warm, yet chic.  Inviting and romantic.  Complimentary to many, many other colors.  Really, it’s a pretty kick ass color.  All of which are excellent reasons to choose a color for an event such as a wedding.  Not only that, but I do think my hair color and skin tone would go excellent with a plum bridesmaid dress.  hehe

In honor of my sister possibly changing her color scheme, I give you ‘Perfectly Plum‘:

IMG_3162Perfectly Plum is a kettle dyed yarn made of vibrant shades of plum. Approximately 430 yards (100 grams) of luxurious 100% Ultrafine Organic Merino Wool in sock weight make this yarn incredibly soft and springy. Enough for an adult pair of socks, fingerless mitts/gloves or perhaps a lace project. The possibilities are endless…
Certified Australian Organic Merino Wool.

Available at Fiber Fervor.