It’s hard to believe we have been here in Austin for 3 summers now.  I tell you what, this is by far the hottest place I have ever lived.  Plus, it doesn’t really rain here.  This summer in particular has been wretchedly HOT.  I think we are at 60+ days, IN A ROW, of 100+ degree temperatures.  There are a couple of things one can do when it is so incredibly hot outside.  The pool, and one of our favorite local hot spots, Butler Park.  I actually found out about this place via the University of Texas website.  There was  a picture on the main page of a bunch of kids running through these fountains.  After asking around, I finally figured out where this place was and so we took The Little Dude.

Year 1 Summer


The Little Dude was a little less than a year old and not quite ready to fully enjoy the awesomeness of the fountains.  This was the only time we went this summer.  He loved it, but we got soaked in the process.  Plus the cement on his little knees was not so nice.

Year 2 Summer


The Little Dude was one with the fountains this year.  He was finally able to fully enjoy all that Bultter Park had to offer.  We visited countless times and every time was a blast.  This is one of my all time favorite shots.  I just love all of the water!

Year 3 Summer


I can’t even tell you how many times we have been to Butler Park this summer.  Edward has even taken him here on Daddy Daycare days.  The best part is that now, we can just sit and watch The Little Dude run around like a crazy kiddo.  He can’t really go too far, yet he doesn’t need us to be right by him.