Tomorrow I turn 30.  I feel like I should have some sort of official goodbye.

Top 10 Moments of My Twenties

(in no particular order except #1)

10.  Partied like a rock star.

9.  Lived on the West Coast.

8.  Graduated from college.

7.  Lived in the mountains.

6.  Traveled to Hawaii.

5.  Bought my very 1st car.

4.  Had a kick ass wedding.

3.  Officially grew up (see moment #10).

2.  Became one with yarn and knitting!

1. (Triple Tie) Met my husband, fell in love and had our son, Hunter!!


BR 2801

(Disclaimer:  There are MANY more wonderful, fantastic things that happened during my twenties.  Just b/c they did not make the list does not mean they didn’t count.  I just couldn’t remember right now.  Again, see moment #10.  haha)