There seems to be this huge stigma about turning 30.  I am not so sure I really understand why.  I don’t really feel any older?  I mean, it’s another year, another birthday, what’s the big deal?  In less than a week, I turn the BIG three-zero.  Time to say goodbye to my twenties and hello to my thirties.  I am actually looking forward to this part of my life.  I have a great husband, a wonderful child and live in a beautiful house.  What more could I ask for besides having an endless supply of yummy yarn?  Life is good.  I feel like great things are going to happen this year.  Even more so, I feel motivated to make those things happen.

Here is a photo of when I turned 3 years old.  This is the youngest birthday photo that I have.  Check out my Cabbage Patch Kid.  I believe his name was Dustin.  Carey – BUSTED!  Thanks for blowing out my candles.  I am not even going to mention our sweet 1980’s hairdos.

BR 19

Looking at this picture I can only think about how the Little Dude is turning 3 in less than two months. 

My ‘Birthday Week’ has officially started!!