This morning was just like most of my mornings, groggy and not really ready to start my day.  With coffee in hand, I sat down at my desk, opened up my email and discovered that, yes, I SOLD MY FIRST SKEIN OF YARN!  What can I say?  Pure joy took over and suddenly, I was awake.  What a great way to start my day!

Last week I finally got around to setting up and “opening” an Etsy Shop.  I really haven’t said all too much about said shop because I was waiting to get more inventory.  Well, I think now is a better time than any to announce that FIBER FERVOR is open for business!!  I want to go home right now and dye more yarn.

Sold Sunburst

‘Sunburst’ is made of vibrant shades of orange, gold and yellow.
220 yards (100 grams) of luxurious 100% Ultrafine Organic Merino Wool in worsted weight make this yarn incredibly soft.  Do not fret my friends, I will be stocking the store with more of this yarn in other colorways soon!

The best part about this sale is what the buyer wrote in the ‘Message from the buyer section’:  “If this yarn were a boy, I would marry it!”  FREAKIN’ AWESOME.  I am elated to sell my very first skein of yarn to someone who LOVES fiber as much as I do.