There really should be a tee shirt that says that.  This past Friday I found out that I got selected to be a blogger for Patons yarn.  It was through a friend of a friend of a friend kind of thing.  Talk about luck.  Sometimes, things just fall into place, you know?  Anyways, so my Internet BFF (Andrea) is also going to be doing this.  I am SO thrilled to have this opportunity.  So what exactly will I be doing you say?  Well, I select a pattern from a list that the editor has chosen.  They send me the pattern and yarn (I know, YAY).  I make it and then blog about it approximately once per week.  Have about 1 month to complete each project.  I even had to sign a contract!  My coworker was teasing me and asked if he could be my manager.  I guess every pro-knitter needs a manager.

I am so excited to start.  Just emailed my first pattern/yarn request.  Think fair isle socks!!!