IMG_2714Project Specs

Pattern: #20 Ribbed Mini Dress by Mari Lynn Patrick

Pattern source: Vogue Knitting, Spring 2007 via Ravelry

Finished Size: XS

Supplies: Size 6 needles.  9 skeins of Queensland Rustic Wool in Purple.  Darning needle and a little scrap yarn to hold live stitches.

Date started: 5/18/09

Date completed: 8/5/09


4 months.  WOW.  That’s a long time and a lot of stitches.  Back in May a friend of mine commissioned me to make this dress for her.  I immediately said yes and figured it would be a great challenge.  As with most projects that I take on, this dress ended up being way more than anticipated.  You see, the pattern calls for 2 strands of lace weight yarn held together.  Instead we chose a worsted weight yarn (feels more like DK in my opinion).  Turns out I had to re-write the ENTIRE pattern.  This really put my math skills to the test.  Thank gawd for gauge.  The only similarity between my dress and the pattern is the way the final product looks (which is a lot I know).

This dress is knitted from the bottom up.  Why not top down is my big question?  It would have been a LOT easier and neater.  I often wonder why patterns are written, in my opinion, more difficult than necessary?  The original pattern also called for this to be knit in several pieces.  I ‘just said no to seaming’ and knit the dress all in the round up to where the arm hole decreasing begins.  Have to admit though, the arm pieces were a bitch.  Again, because I could not follow a pattern I had to make it up on my own.    After three unsuccessful attempts I finally got it right and then had to make the other arm.  BAH!   With all projects come new chances to learn.  I can honestly say that I am successful at seaming now.  Like, it actually looks good.

This dress was made to fit a little snug.  As we all know, wool yarn stretches.  Thus why it looks incredibly tiny.  Also the ribbing makes it look even smaller.  I had Diane try this on many times throughout the process so we already know it fits.  (YAY!!)  The plan is to wear the dress (or tunic) with leggings, tights or even jeans.  I know she has been thinking about pairing it up with some super fun boots too.  Perfect for fall/winter here in Austin, TX.

If you are interested in making this dress in an XS size using worsted weight yarn please drop me an email.  I am more than happy to share all of my pattern notes and drawings.  Having no idea how copyright laws go I feel uncomfortable just posting them right here, as this is not my original pattern.  Send me an email if you are interested…



RAVELRY LINK:  Diane’s Dress