Since around the time of Mother’s Day I have taken up an obsession with orchids.  In my opinion they just might be the most beautiful flower out there.  So for Mother’s Day my 2.5 year old son said he wanted to go to the local nursery and pick out an orchid for me since I was the bestest Mommy ever.  We ended up with this tiny little white orchid (Phalaenopis) that only had a couple of little flowers in bloom.  In our house we have a window seat in our kitchen.  Since there is no cushion it is obvious that this would be the best place for my orchid garden.  My little white orchid has been living (and thriving) there for a couple of months now.

Sunday night, my husband (works nights at a swanky hotel cooking in the restaurant) comes home and says “There is a surprise for you downstairs.”  As I walk down the stairs I see this enormous arrangement sitting on the table filled with orchids, hydrangeas and snapdragons.


After about 5 minutes of me swooning over the arrangement I finally looked behind me and on the coffee table was a HUGE planted white orchid.  Just like my little one I got for Mother’s Day only this one was gigantic in comparison.


You can really see the size difference in this photo.  Where did these come from you might ask?  Well, the swanky hotel hosted a wedding this past weekend in which the bride and groom’s floral budget was around $150k.  They had so many flowers that they just left them at the hotel.  My husband, being the most awesome husband ever snagged me these beautiful flowers.  I really wish I could have seen the setup of the reception!  He told me that everything was white, from the flowers to the carpet.   What a wonderful surprise!!!


Thank you very much for bringing these home for me Edward!!!!!