If there was such a diagnosis, I bet I would have Knitting ADD.  Seriously.  It’s very hard for me to just focus on one project at a time.  Currently I have 3 projects on needles, one project waiting for a liner to be sewn in and two other waiting to be assembled.  And that is just what I have on the needles!  On the waiting list (projects I already have yarn for) there are at least 3 major projects:  Baby Blanket in which I am dyeing the yarn for, February Lady Sweater for my MIL and another sweater for myself.  I also plan on knitting all Christmas presents again this year.  OK, so writing all of this down has made me feel a tad overwhelmed.  What do we do in a time like this?  Make a list!

Oh and the Twilight series has completely sucked all of my time over the last month.  Thankfully I am 1/2 way through Breaking Dawn and will be able to put this series behind me very soon.  You know, move on with my life and KNIT!