Vacation was wonderful and exactly what I needed.  Since I spent my vaca with family that I don’t get to see like ever , I was not able to do much knitting.  One afternoon my Mom and I were able to squeeze in a quick sewing tutorial that was MUCH needed.  Turns out the majority of my frustration with my sewing machine was due to the fact that I wasn’t threading it correctly!  DUH!  Guess I should have suspected something like that seeing as how when I first got my sewing machine I had to call my Mom and ask her what the hell a bobbin was!  We didn’t have much time and she promised the next time she came to visit that she would give me a more in depth lesson. She also recommended that I take some sewing lessons in the meantime.  During the lesson we did finish the three Summerlin dresses that I had already knitted the tops for.

Thanks to Pam over at Flint Knits and the SUPER awesome quilt she made, I was introduced to some really cool fabric.  Found the fabric for 2 of the Summerlin tops on Sew Mama Sew. What a great collection they carry, specifically the fabric by Heather Ross.  LOVE IT!!!

Seahorse Dress…

Fabric by Heather Ross, Mendocino, Seahorses Aqua


How cute is my baby model?  All of these dresses are actually for my niece, Lil’ Miss.  Freakin’ adorable if I do say so myself.  Click here to see more pics of Lil’ Miss rockin her new sun dress.

Duck Duck Goose! Dress

Fabric: Ugly Duckling Feather ~ Red Letter Day


Happy 4th! Dress

Fabric:  Unknown.  My Mom picked it out at JoAnns.


Thank you Mom for teaching me a few tricks of the trade while on vacation!!!!