I am fully dedicated to try and finish up the knitting portion of this project by the weekend.  Think it can be done?  Wanna place a bet?  Still haven’t chosen a fabric for the lining.  Still haven’t decided on a button.  Still haven’t decided as to how I will do the strap.  Anyone know where I can find a canvas/twill (not even sure what this is called) strap?  Like 2 inches wide?  If I knit the strap then it will have to have a fabric lining like I did on the Brea bag.  That was a B*TCH by the way 🙂  Reason being is that I will do anything not to sew.  For the life of me, I cannot sew in a straight line.  Instead, I use that “tape” stuff that you iron in.  The tape make it super thick and really hard to hand sew through.  Guess I could just iron the seam and not use the tape.  If I am sewing it in place it shouldn’t matter right?  Sewing people, I need your help here!