With all of this talk about dyeing yarn I have barely spoken about any knitting.  Currently I am working on 4 different projects.  A little here, a little there and before I know it, I will be all finished.  Every night after I get done dyeing I finally sit down for a little R&R.  Knitting is SO relaxing to me.  It clears my head and sets my ‘worries’ free.  Well at least for the time while I am knitting.  Recently I have discovered that if I am working on something that is straight up knitting (no switching stitches or counting) that I can read WHILE knitting.  How cool is that?!?!  The only problem I run into with that is being able to hold the book without it closing.  I usually prop something up on the pages to keep it open.

Anyways, projects…

I am still working on Rusted Root.  If I am able to commit two four hours of non-stop knitting to this, I should be able to wrap it up.

Still working on this other sweater that I originally thought would be my own design.  After realizing that I did not want to commit the time or effort to doing this I decided on a pattern, Glee.  OMG is this pattern B-O-R-I-N-G.  While I know the finished product will be great, I am still having a hard time working on it.  I am almost to the point where I put the arms on scrap yarn (raglan /top-down style).  Should I continue or figure out a new pattern?

This past weekend I casted on another bag, Aho by Berroco.  I really love their patterns.  Super easy to follow and very satisfying in terms of keeping me busy.  This is a long overdue b-day present for one of my oldest (and bestest) friends.  We have known each other since we were 14!  I need to find a killer fabric for the lining.  I have been to a couple of local stores and haven’t found a darn thing.  Any suggestions?


I guess technically I only have 3 projects on the needles (well ‘active’ projects – the hibernated ones are a story for another day).  I do however have the yarn all wound up and ready to go for the February Lady Sweater (YAY) for my Mother in law.  I hope to start this very soon.  This is going to be her birthday present from me this year.  I hope she likes it!!

Alright, FABRIC IDEAS.  I need some help people.  I love retro prints!!  Also, I need a super duper cool button for the front flap.