Literally.  Dyeing yarn is SO MUCH FUN.  Who knew?!?!  I think the most exciting part is winding up the yarn to see the final product.  It’s like magic…



I am very pleased with how this came out and will use this technique again.  I actually think I could duplicate this colorway which is the first time in my yarn dyeing experience that I am able to say that!  Here’s how I did it:  First, I put the yarn in the pot.  Then I mixed up some red and yellow dye (separately of course).  I then poured the yellow dye in first over one section only.  Then poured the red dye everywhere where the yellow did not cover.  Lifted the yellow dye up a little so that the red did not “mix in” with it too much.  Slowly brought it to a simmer and left it for like 30 minutes.  Let it cool, soaked the skein in a little wool wash , let it dry and voila!  I shall name this colorway….SUNBURST!

So I got in contact with the yarn company I ordered yarn from.  Turns out my yarn IS on its way and has been since last week.  They sent me a very nice email explaining the situation.  The yarn should arrive sometime next week.  I am VERY excited.