3ig-button2OK, so having successfully read almost every single yarn dyeing tutorial on the internet I must say that the one I purchased from Three Irish Girls is by far the best.  The instructions are clear and concise.  Also, if you do not know about the hand dyed yarn from Three Irish Girls you should check that out too.  The Yarnista’s colorways are amazing and if you know anything about dyeing (or just have a deep love for beautiful yarn) you know that her work is beyond impressive.  I am in awe of how she achieves so many colors in one skein of yarn.  Simply magical.  Who knows, maybe one day my yarn will look like that!  One can only hope right?!

I dyed another skein last night.  Went back to kettle dyeing as I just don’t think I am “ready” for handpainting.  I used the same dye I mixed up from the previous batch (no need to waste right?).  I did end up throwing the dark purple blue away because honestly, it was pure crap.  I have to say kettle dyeing is awesome.  The colors just seem to blend more.  The finished product is drying as I type and as soon as I can wind it up I will take some pics and post.  I am running out of “practice” yarn quickly.  I ordered some yarn from the company ‘Yarnundyed‘ and while the yarn got great reviews I have yet to receive it (ordered it 3 weeks ago now)!  Haven’t even gotten a confirmation of order, a tracking number, nothing, nada.  I am starting to get really irritated.  Even sent them an email (beginning of last week) inquiring about my purchase and have yet to hear anything back.  Grrrrrrrrr