A friend of mine has been raving about magic loop for some time now.  DPNs have always made me a little weary, so I thought that the magic loop would be a hit.  Well, turns out I am not that big of a fan.  For whatever reason I am having a terrible time keeping my tension on the two “ends”.  After about 10 rows into the Fiddlehead mittens, I made an executive decision to rip it out and start it over with DPNs.  I am not done with Magic Loop.  I REALLY want it to work.  I think I will give it a go on another project that does not involve stranded knitting.

progresspicSo far I am really enjoying making the Fiddlehead Mittens.  Stranded knitting is a breeze.  As long as you stay organized, you are good to go.  Since I had to rip it out, I am only 8 rows into the first mitten so far.  Between that and making a baby shower gift at the last minute, I am moving pretty slow on this project.  Right now I have 3 other projects on the needles.  I am the type of knitter who needs to have multiple projects going on, other wise I get bored. I will finish these mittens soon.  It IS Malabrigo March after all!!

Check out this GREAT DEAL.  If I had the extra cash right now, this would be on it’s way to me right now.  It would be SO nice to not havce to spend 45 minutes winding up  a ball of yarn prior to starting a project.